Case Studies


Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort celebrated its official reopening in September by sharing stories about the community and hotel recovery efforts since Hurricane Odile. During a "Los Cabos content takeover" around the reopening, we used brand social channels to shine a spotlight on the Los Cabos property and tell stories about the hurricane and property through the eyes of guests, team members and influencers.

The "content takeover" consisted of 56 total branded posts (+68 from influencers, including the seeding of a video and its teasers), an instatile day-long takeover of the Hilton Instagram profile by an influencer, and the live-streaming of a day in Los Cabos simultaneously on three platforms. Additionally, the approach and tactics used to promote the Los Cabos story in social media were used as a chance to gain information on ways to seize similar opportunities in the future.

@resettingthestageinloscabos (optimized for mobile)

United States Air Force

For the last 15 years we have helped USAF recruit the nation's best and brightest to solve some of our country's most daunting challenges in aviation, space, robotics and computing. Over that time, the target has moved to an all-digital world and our media team has made the move as well, away from TV and print to a rich digital, mobile and social effort, launching first into Facebook and then into Tumblr.

When USAF asked for our help in developing a digital campaign to engage STEM students, we realized what needed to be done couldn't be accomplished on any existing social platforms. So instead, we built and launched something completely new: The Air Force Collaboratory, a digital educational platform that challenges students and teachers to help solve real-world Air Force projects.

The Collaboratory is an open, collaborative initiative that pairs students and teachers with the Air Force's brightest minds to use science, technology, engineering and mathematics to make an impact on the world. These projects live on The Air Force Collaboratory site, and students use custom-built tools to share ideas, work with others around the country and collaborate with active duty Airmen as subject matter experts and project leads.

The Air Force Collaboratory was awarded the highest digital honor at Cannes last year and has reached more than 60,000 recruits to date.


Traditionally, HVAC systems are a very low-interest, low-engagement category. People are passionate about their homes, but they tend not to think about their A/C until something goes wrong with it.

Developing a social creative strategy for Lennox, we posed a question: How do we get people to care about a premium HVAC unit the same way they care about a Sub-Zero fridge or a Wolf range?

The answer was an always-on content and publishing strategy that linked Lennox systems to key interest-based pillars around lifestyle and efficiency. Over the course of a year and approximately 450 pieces of social content, we have shared integrated content, media partnerships with Southern Living, behind-the-scenes Instagram feeds and storytelling through integrated brand campaign highlights. All customized to be channel-specific and all sourced from a variety of in-house content, UGC and integrated campaign assets.

The results are category defying: the largest social community and fan base, the highest share of social conversation, 6–10% engagement rates and 25% of all traffic coming from social channels with social being the largest YOY contributor to site traffic increases.


As Chipotle's AOR in top-of-mind advertising, we've had the pleasure of a fruitful, collaborative relationship that has produced great work across OOH, print, radio, television and social channels for Chipotle, catering, Cultivate Festival and ShopHouse.

Working with the marketing team, we created "What's your Chipot-name" as an initial foray together into the social space. Through quick, rewarding engagement we invited users to select their favorite fillings in exchange or a custom, funny name based on their order. Through a quick bit of surprise and delight, we reinforced what people love about the food while playing directly to Chipotle's already robust and passionate social fan base. Additionally, by creating a seamless ecosystem between the Chipot-name microsite, and sharing across social channels, we ensured an experience with no dead-ends.

Throughout the initiative, we continually monitored and optimized consumer engagement, creating standardized URL parameters across all traffic-driving sources and connecting the site activity from custom tags with social listening. Over a short six-week window where we actively drove traffic to the site, we optimized media targeting to maximize traffic, updated functionality to minimize bounce rate and acted on feedback from listening to ensure positive social sentiment.

By the end of the media run, users had created over 450,000 unique names with 93% of those starting the process completing a name. 16% of users engaged in creating multiple names and 5% of users shared their Chipot-name with no added incentive.